27/05/2013 19:11

Spectacular Wiredtree Managed VPS Report

I began utilizing WiredTree Hosting's services last week. The transition was considerably more fluid than A2 Hosting's uptime, the host that we employed before this, so much so that I suppose people were unaware of it. I was anxious that the switch of our website to a new host would be a major upheaval so I procrastinated for months.

When I ultimately took the step, I found out that I was being stressed without cause, because WiredTree's support personnel gave such wonderful assistance and support.

I had been using A2 Hosting's services for more than a year. Throughout that period, we endured what we considered to be mediocre downtime and limited customer service. But because their charges were budget-friendly and also because of being nervous over the move, we endured them. A2 Hosting's unlimited (we will talk at length about this we will talk at length about this afterwards) packages are highly affordable. Monthly we needed only to pay under $10.

I prided myself in being computer-savvy but transitioning to a new web server was something that I was very anxious about. Increasing my jitteriness was that we also were required to move from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Hosting administration is something that's very strange to me so I was nervous that the relocation would be a extensive and challenging process. I've got a full-time law practice to operate, and no time to deal with with server administration.

We would have plodded on with A2 Hosting in spite of its downtime and other deficiencies as we liked their rate and we were worried about this cross over. However they told us that we were employing too many information on their unlimited package. I still can't comprehend what A2 Hosting meant when they mentioned we were utilizing too many resourceswhen their plan was an unlimited one. The push finally came to shove and A2 Hosting informed us we had one week to look for and move to another host.

On somebody's suggestion, I considered and decided to go with WiredTree.

This evaluation is entirely according to my experience alone and as a result, this may not be the case for other customers.

There is no doubt on why they are turning out to be among the fastest growing companies in the United States. I can't recommend WiredTree enough if you are in need of a VPS or a dedicated server. I have no regrets using WiredTree's assistance in the two years that I have been with them.

We had to shell out about $50 each month for our new host, but what an improvement in their service! The safety measures and technical advice provided by WiredTree is world class. In merely a few minutes, I acquired a response for for my support tickets at WiredTree, whilst A2 Hosting took hours to do so. They even affirmed my order by giving me a phone call. (Living people talking with me over the phone!)

The installation was swift, and then a support person walked me all the way from backing up our old server, directing it to our latest host, and transferring our domain names. All in all, the overall operation was accomplished within the hour. If you are someone who is not technically-minded, the competency and competence of WiredTree's personnel will make it easy for you to make the move in almost no time. So we transferred, but you very likely didn't perceive. We have simply no remorse with our choice of our new web server, WiredTree.